Interview with OSS Action Team member Alain Moussi. December 2016

‘’From Martial Arts Expert to Stuntmen, to Lead actor’’

Alain Moussi
Alain Moussi with Dave Bautista

Q : Alain you come from a rooted Martial arts background, tell us your story on how you became a stuntmen ?

AM : 25 years ago I started training in martial arts after watching Bloodsport and Kickboxer starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.  I had it in my head that I wanted to become an ACTION STAR… but how??  For me it all started with On Set Stunts (OSS)!  In 2009, Jean-François Lachapelle introduced me to Jean Frenette as a prospect to start training with the OSS Action Team to learn the craft of stunt performance.  The timing was perfect because the blockbuster Immortals was coming to Montreal and Jean was the fight coordinator.  I happened to be a great physical match for the lead actor and had all the required skills to perform the action.  Jean vouched for me and hired me to be the lead double!  Immortals was an Incredible opportunity to learn the craft and showcase my talents to many experienced stunt performers and other stunt coordinators which would open many doors in the future.

Alain Moussi with Henry Cavill (Immortals)
Alain Moussi MMA Training
Alain Moussi Stunt dbl on the movie Warcraft

Q: Training with OSS; what are the key points in training and philosophy that makes it so unique?

AM: The great thing about OSS was Jean’s training philosophy and structure.  The philosophy: BE READY!  So we were always training to be ready to perform at the highest level each and every time and ready to adapt to changes on the day without a glitch.  We had a very structured training regimen and curriculum which ensured we covered everything from martial arts, acrobatics, weapons, firearms, reactions, choreography, falls, wires… Everything we may encounter on set.  Many team members where specialists in their disciplines so everyone shared their expertise so we would all grow together.  It was also encourage to participate in driving and horse riding workshops.  PREPARATION and WORK ETHIC was everything.  The final ingredient was acting.  Jean believed that as a stuntman, you play a character and you are performing physical acting.  We would regularly have workshop to develop our acting skills which would improve and ad more depth to our stunt performance.  OSS was the best place I could’ve started my stunt career.  I always felt prepared to face any challenge on any set no matter how BIG the movie.

Alain Moussi Split Kick
Alain Moussi vs Dave Bautista in Kickboxer Vengeance
Alain Moussi vs George St-Pierre in Kickboxer Vengeance

Q: After being the stunt double for actors like Henry Cavill (Superman), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and many more, you were living the dream as a sought out Stunt performer; but you went on to become an action movie star; how did that came about?

AM: Through OSS I was also unknowingly getting READY for the next step in my career… becoming an ACTION STAR!  While prepping a martial arts film with the OSS team, I met Dimitri Logothetis, the producer of KICKBOXER VENGEANCE, who noticed me in a live stunt showcase.  This lead to a request that I audition and an offer to star in KICKBOXER VENGEANCE, a reboot of the 1989 KICKBOXER starring Jean-Claude Van Damme!  KICKBOXER VENGEANCE is my first starring role and was released Sept 2016… but it’s only the beginning!  The sequel, KICKBOXER RETALIATION is in post-production… and you know what, I still get to work with my friends in OSS.  Jean-François Lachapelle was one of our stunt coordinators and Max Savaria was both a villain and my stunt double while many others including Jean Frenette and Dennis Lafond were part of our action design team.  Two more projects in the pipeline for 2017 so GET READY!!!

Thanks Jean and thanks OSS Action Team!

Alain Moussi as Wolverine Stunt Dbl Hugh Jackman in XMEN: Apocalypse
Alain Moussi with co-star Jean-Claude Vandamme