On Set Stunts is lead by Jean Frenette who provides customized stunt services, from action design and planning to, basic to state-of-art stunt equipment rental, cast/talent training and rehearsal facility.
With his skills and expertise as a Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer and 2nd Unit Director with over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry; Frenette is an accomplished international athlete and 5 times World karate champion who maintains a high standard for safety, quality, and creativity. Combining his passion for action, deep understanding of filmmaking and extended contacts from working across North America, Europe and Asia, he easily adapts his experience to a variety of filmmaking styles where action is concerned.
In addition to be working with Montréal’s very experienced and versatile local stunt performers and stunt rigging crew, we have a martial arts stunt team wich is comprised of World and International champions along with xtreme martial arts performers, Parkour/Free-runners and acrobats from Cirque du soleil.
From concept to screen, Frenette designs and caters to your visual action needs.

Action Design
2nd Unit directing
Stunt Coordinating
Fight Choreographer
Stunt Performers
Stunt Riggers
Stunt Equipment rental
Cast and Talent Training
Rehearsal Facility
Motion Capture Action Performers