If you are interested to join our courses you must submit your headshot, demo reel and resumé including your sports background and achievements; your application will be reviewed and you will be invited to join if you qualify.

The success of an action sequence lies in it’s preparation

It is in our working ethic that we strive to get the best performance possible from our stunt crew and the actors involved in a scene.

On Set Stunts provides personalized functional fitness program, nutrition supervision as well as stunts and martial arts skills development for actors and actresses needing to get ready for their action roles.

Through an organized and rigourous training system along with well planned rehearsals; we can take an actor or an actress with limited physical ability and help them reach their full potential to bring them to a level of performance that will be convincing on camera.

Using our fully equiped rehearsal facility to conceptualize , develop and rehearse action sequences, we also shoot, cut and edit (pre-vis) all of our choreography in our own editing room. Pre-vis has become an essential part of the preparation of any action project and is the key element to demonstrate the director`s vision prior principal photography.

Cast and Talent training

The preparation of an actor is based upon three points:
1. Fitness Training
Crossfit Training and Strength and Conditionning
By far the best functional training system you can get now a days; Crossfit training is one of the most effective system in preparing any actor or stunt performer in getting amazing results and great performances when the camera’s are rolling.

2. Nutrition
Weather it is to gain muscle mass, loose weight or get ripped, our nutritionist Christian Maurice provides excellent consultation and guidance to our clients throughout preparation and filming.

3. Action skills
With our very experienced stunt crew that is talented at teaching, we progressively teach actors basic fighting and stunt skills that will built self confidence in their hability to perform.

Here are some of the topics of training:

• Martial arts and street fighting choreography and technics
• Sword fighting Choreography and technics (any era and styles)
• Stunt skill’s:
• Reactions and Fall’s
• Wire work
• Precision driving


1,800 square feet training and rehearsal area fully equiped with pads, mats, crash mats, fighting equipments and wire rig.