OSS has on going stunt training and stunt courses throughout the year.

Stunt Training for Actors and Stunt professionals

Stunts and Fight choreography is an aspect of actor training that too many take for granted. Back in the days of “classical” training, every actor was trained in sword fighting, horseback riding, and the like. Nowadays, our film actors have stunt doubles, and our stage actors rarely are called upon to perform such actions. Yet, as recent films like 300, the Bourne series, Immortals and many others show, stage combat is still an important skill for actors.

The need to depict violence and conflict will always be a part of stage and cinematic storytelling and to neglect this aspect of training can mean the difference between landing a gig or not.

OSS Stunt training facility is here to fill that need! Staffed by professionals with over “20 “yrs. of experience in the film and television industry, we now are offering comprehensive courses for performers wanting to improve their skills in this area.

Weapons work, basic tumbling and acrobatics, empty-hand skills and all manner of reactions [how to take a hit] are covered.